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If your client has been charged with a crime, you may need some help with conducting legal research. Whether your client chooses to go to trial and try to fight for their rights, negotiate a favorable plea deal, or fight a conviction on appeal, we can help. Attorneys at Strickland Webster, LLC are specialized in helping with criminal defense, appeals, and post-conviction relief cases.

Criminal Defense Cases


When your client is charged with a crime, they need someone who can provide a robust defense and fight relentlessly for the best possible outcome. We have significant experience in complex and serious cases in federal court.

Instead of relying on information from the prosecution, we will conduct thorough and independent research on the laws that apply to your client’s criminal defense case, their potential penalties and implications, as well as their rights and options.

We recognize that many attorneys do not have time to conduct the rigorous legal research and writing that cases may require, whether at the trial level or on appeal.  We have significant legal research and writing experience that we want to leverage to your advantage.


Appeals in Legal Cases


Our appellate experience ranges from the earliest stages of appeal to addressing the merits of cases, which means that we have likely seen an issue like yours before.  If you have questions about your appeal or if you would like for us to help you file your appellate brief, we are excited to help you get the best result for your client.  

We are also uniquely situated to help you prepare for litigation at the trial level.  Specifically, because of our extensive appellate experience, we have an invaluable perspective on how to frame issues at the trial level in order to preserve your record for appellate review.

Post-Conviction Relief

Even though appeals tend to be more complicated and more fragile than criminal trials, the right attorney can increase your client’s chances of overturning your unfavorable conviction so they can get the justice they deserve.

Although post-conviction relief is limited to challenging errors that occurred during the trial, at the same time, an experienced post-conviction relief attorney can help you raise new issues that weren’t mentioned during the trial or appeal.


What Can Our Attorneys Do for You?


If you are unsure of how to approach a trial with an appeal in mind, we are happy to consult with you to help you prepare for the trial.

Let us help you help your clients!  We are available to: 

  • Research and write important motions to be filed with the trial court
  • Help you preserve the record for appeal
  • Consult with you about how to present your case to the appellate court
  • Prepare and file appellate briefs
  • Complete discrete pieces of legal research and writing
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