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If you or your loved one has been convicted of a crime in a federal district or trial court, you might need to appeal the decision in a federal appellate court.

federal appeal is the review process for decisions or judgments of trial courts in cases involving federal law or crimes. While the outcome of such appeals might offer a reprieve for those convicted in lower courts, the process is complex and involves many legal technicalities.

Federal appeals also require precision, as the slightest mistake could cost you before and during the process. So, to get the best out of the process, you might need help from experienced federal appeal attorneys.

Federal appeal lawyers are those whose core practice involves representing clients and handling cases in federal courts of appeal. They understand how federal appeal rules work and can guide you throughout the appeal process while working to ensure a positive outcome for your federal criminal case.

Read on to learn more about the federal appeals process and how federal criminal appeal lawyers can improve your chances of success in a federal appellate court.

How Federal Appeals Work

Federal trials generally begin at the federal district courts across the states. Appeals from these district courts are filed at the federal circuit court, and many such appeals are concluded there. Only a few cases go from federal circuit courts to the United States Supreme Court.

The federal appeals process thus allows individuals or entities to challenge the decisions made by lower federal courts.

However, an appeal is not a retrial, and federal appeals courts do not evaluate the facts of the case or admit any evidence. Instead, the appellate court’s role is to review the procedure followed during the trial of a case and the decision reached by the judge to ensure that the law was applied correctly and the defendant received a fair trial.

Federal appeals involve a lot of paperwork and documentation. The process at federal appellate courts usually begins with filing a document or form called the notice of appeal.

Parties must also file written briefs outlining the legal arguments they intend to canvass in court. These documents have to comply with specific legal requirements to be valid.

Non-compliance could adversely affect the outcome of your appeal. As such, it is essential to have an experienced federal appellate lawyer who understands these requirements to prepare the relevant paperwork on your behalf.

Federal appeals are also time-bound, so it is crucial to act fast if you intend to explore this option. For instance, if you’re appealing a criminal conviction, you have 14 days after the district court delivers its judgment to file your notice of appeal.

However, you can contact your federal appellate lawyers for help if you fail to appeal within the stipulated time. They might be able to help you get an extension to allow you to begin the appeals process outside the stipulated time frame.

Effects of a Successful Criminal Appeal

If your federal criminal appeal succeeds, the appeal court may do any of the following depending on the circumstances of your case:


Vacate the Conviction

This means the court will overturn your conviction, and you’re no longer required to serve any sentence issued in that regard.

Remand the Case Back to the Original Court for a Retrial

This means the case returns to the original court where it was tried. In such cases, the trial court begins the trial afresh, giving you another opportunity to defend yourself diligently.


Reduce Your Sentence

This usually happens if the previous sentence issued by the trial court was given in error. In such cases, the appeal court, after reassessing the initial sentence and the relevant laws, would impose a more appropriate sentence fitting the crime.

Possible Grounds for Federal Appeals

There are several possible grounds for a federal appeal, including:

  • That the trial court applied the wrong law
  • That the trial court applied the proper law incorrectly
  • That there was a constitutional violation during the trial.

For an appeal to be successful, it must demonstrate that one or more of these grounds have been met. Suppose you’re dissatisfied with the trial court’s decision in your case. In that case, you can consult skilled federal criminal appeals attorneys to help determine whether there are reasonable grounds for an appeal or whether an appeal is appropriate in the circumstances.

At Strickland Webster, LLC, our experienced federal appeals lawyers can help you file the necessary documents and represent your case in court. We understand the complexities of appeals in federal court and will ensure that all legal requirements are met. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started on your federal criminal appeal.



How Federal Appellate Lawyers Can Help


You have the right to represent yourself in a federal court. However, while that approach might work in a civil case, in a criminal case, the stakes are higher as the outcome could affect your liberty.

Hence you must seek professional help from federal appeals attorneys in such cases to avoid any mistakes that could cost you your freedom.

Your lawyer’s role includes the following:

  • Reviewing the trial court’s decision
  • Identifying any errors or legal issues that may have affected the case’s outcome
  • Developing a compelling argument for why the higher court should overturn the lower court’s ruling in your favor

This often involves rigorous research and interpretation of the relevant laws, regulations, and case law, drafting and filing legal briefs, and arguing the case in court.

All of these require legal training and skill that you might be unable to provide. So, let an appellate counsel ease your stress and help you bear the burden of complying with all the legal requirements that your appeal requires to succeed.

At Strickland Webster, LLC, we have the technical expertise to handle your appeal competently and increase your chances of succeeding. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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Our Specialized Practice Areas

Strickland Webster, LLC, stands at the forefront of legal excellence, particularly in navigating the intricacies of federal and state appellate litigation. Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of appeals and post-conviction motions, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Federal Appeals: We excel in representing clients across all stages of federal appeals, challenging convictions and sentences to secure justice. Our approach combines thorough legal research, persuasive brief writing, and compelling oral arguments before appellate courts.

State Motions for New Trials and Appeals: Our practice is adept at identifying procedural errors and substantive injustices at the state level, advocating for new trials where verdicts are flawed. We meticulously prepare motions and appeals that highlight the merits of our clients’ cases, striving for favorable outcomes.

Federal Criminal Cases (Trial Level): Even before an appeal, our involvement can be pivotal. We offer robust defense strategies in federal criminal trials, aiming to prevent convictions or secure the groundwork for successful future appeals.

Federal Post-Conviction Motions: Beyond direct appeals, we specialize in federal post-conviction relief, including 2255 motions for clients challenging their convictions or sentences on grounds such as ineffective assistance of counsel or new evidence.

At Strickland Webster, LLC, our commitment to excellence and justice is unwavering. We navigate the complexities of the legal system with precision, advocating fiercely for our clients at every turn.


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