We recognize that many attorneys do not have time to conduct the rigorous legal research and writing that cases may require, whether at the trial level or on appeal.  We have significant legal research and writing experience that we want to leverage to your advantage.

Our appellate experience ranges from the earliest stages of appeal to addressing the merits of cases, which means that we have likely seen an issue like yours before.  If you have questions about your appeal or if you would like for us to help you file your appellate brief, we are excited to help you get the best result for your client.  

We are also uniquely situated to help you prepare for litigation at the trial level.  Specifically, because of our extensive appellate experience, we have an invaluable perspective on how to frame issues at the trial level in order to preserve your record for appellate review.

Si no está seguro de cómo acercarse a juicio con un una apelación exacta, estaremos dispuestas a consultar con usted para ayudarle a prepararse para el juicio.

¡Permítanos ayudarle ayudar a sus clientes! Estamos disponibles para:

  • Investigar y escribir peticiones/pedimentos importantes para ser presentados ante el tribunal de primera instancia
  • Ayudarle a preservar el récord para apelación
  • Consultar con usted acerca de cómo presentar su caso a la corte de apelaciones
  • Preparar y presentar comunicados de apelación
  • Completar piezas discretas de la investigación y escritura jurídica
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