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Strickland Webster, LLC is a law firm that represents people that are charged with crimes or that have already been convicted, people that need help obtaining legal immigration status in the United States, and people who want to challenge a bad decision by a lower court or administrative body, such as the Board of Immigration Appeals.  We also offer services to other attorneys who need help with legal research and writing.

Notable Results


J.S. with Strickland Webster attorneys, Sydney and Leigh Ann, a week after we secured his release from custody.


J.S. was tried and convicted of aggravated assault and aggravated battery in Monroe County, Georgia, after a fight at a Waffle House.  J.S. was initially sentenced to 10 years in prison and 10 years of probation.  Strickland Webster began representing J.S. during his Motion for New Trial, shortly after his trial.  We presented extensive evidence on his behalf, and on appeal, the Georgia Court of Appeals agreed that J.S.'s convictions must be vacated, due to improper jury instructions and the ineffective assistance provided by J.S.'s trial lawyer.  We negotiated with the DA's office for J.S. to enter a plea that allowed him to be immediately released from custody.  Read the appellate decision here.


United States v. Jenkins, Eleventh Circuit


F.J. was convicted and sentenced of charges related to tax fraud in the Northern District of Georgia.  We were of counsel to his attorney during his appeal to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.  On appeal, the Eleventh Circuit agreed with us that the district court had improperly calculated his tax loss amount and remanded for resentencing.  Read the opinion here.

E.B. is an Ethiopian national who fled to the United States after being arrested and beaten because of her political activity.  She applied for asylum so that she would not have to return to Ethiopia, but in Atlanta, one of the nation's harshest immigration courts, she faced an uphill battle.  Prior to hiring Strickland Webster, her application for asylum was denied by an immigration judge three times, appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals ("BIA") twice, and remanded from the Eleventh Circuit twice.  We appealed the latest denial of her application of asylum to the BIA, and much to our relief, the BIA sustained the appeal and ordered that E.B. was eligible for, and deserving of, asylum.  Read the BIA decision here.

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State v. hinesman, superior court of dekalb county


J.H. entered a plea in the Superior Court of DeKalb County that was going to require him to serve several months in jail.  After he retained Strickland Webster, we were able to postpone his scheduled reporting date and to negotiate with the prosecutor so that he could withdraw his plea and enter a nolo plea to a misdemeanor.  With credit for time served, J.H. was not required to serve any additional time in custody or to be on probation.  

L.M. applied for cancellation of removal, but the immigration judge determined that a prior conviction for failing to pay child support, called child abandonment in Georgia, barred him from relief.  On appeal to the BIA, we argued that because the crime of child abandonment in Georgia was not like the crimes of child abandonment and neglect in other states, L.M. was not actually barred from applying for cancellation of removal.  The BIA agreed with us and remanded the case for further proceedings.  Read the BIA decision here.



A landlord wrongfully withheld the security deposit of our clients, M.B. and S.B., forcing them to file suit.  The landlord in turn sued them for damages to the home.  After a civil trial, the court found in favor of M.B. and S.B.  However, the landlord appealed.  We represented M.B. and S.B. on appeal, and successfully defended the trial court's decision.  The landlord attempted to appeal this decision to the Supreme Court, but we convinced the Supreme Court to decline to hear the case.  Read the appellate decision here.